Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How to do parenting peacefully?

The word of peaceful parenting is less used by the parents these days due to the various types of pressure on them. For instance, if the child wants to have a power wheel, it is not taken well and the child and parents end up feeling worst. Similarly, when it comes to the expectations of the parents, they think parenting is more about fuss than the experience that can become memorable for them.
Following tips may help you to avoid fights with the children


The problem with punishing the children is that it destroys the relationship of a parent with children. Therefore, if you do not know how to help yourself, at least you can avoid the common causes of tension.

Let Children Get Their Way
 It is natural for the parents to feel that they need to control the children; however, if you let the children do things their way; it can become a source of confidence. Similarly, they will learn to appreciate the value of giving space to the loved ones.


If you are a lenient parent and you are grappling with regulating the behavior of the children, you may have to work on boundaries in the relationship and act like a good teacher rather than a parent. For example, if the child is supposed to complete the homework, you should remain firm with the children so that they will get done. Likewise, if it is the time to support the child, you should express your love and care to make the hard times easy for them. Furthermore, if you face difficulty in setting the limits, you can take help from your friends who have experience in this.

Work on Your Emotions
If you are interested in taking charge of the relationship between you and your child, it is best to focus on your emotional state first. For example, if you have the habit of losing the temperament or if you are not able to maintain a stable state of mind, you cannot expect to regulate your children. Moreover, children are not good at handling the emotional chaos, however, if you are able to give them firm support and help them get through it, it will add to the strength of your relationship with children. Furthermore, you can reach a level eventually that will make it easy for you to peacefully guide the children in future.

Role Model

This is not to say that children will not try to get their way, however, if your temperament is tested, you should be able to maintain it so that you can set an example for the child. The idea is to become a role model for managing the emotions. As a result, the child may get inspired from you in terms of picking your habits. In other words, if you are someone who aspires to become a peaceful parent, it means that you can control your emotions and your reaction in situations that may seem hard to you is balanced. Similarly, you should have the ability to walk in the shoes of your child in order to connect with them at a deeper level. This will also imply that you should maintain discipline, but if you do not balance it with love and care, it may not help you to achieve the parental goals.

Furthermore, if you do not know how to say no to your children, you will not be able to regulate the household in addition to feeling frustrated. The main key is to find a middle way that can meet the requirements of your child and you rather than creating conflict. For instance, if the child feels understood, you can expect them to cooperate with you. If you are still unsure about the value of maintaining a stable emotional state, you can review the cases or instances in which you could not stop yourself from reacting. According to the experts, parents tend to lose the sight and can be quite hurtful if they get angry at the children. This is why it is necessary for them to keep a check on the emotions and if the child tests the patience, you can show tolerance.

Even though parents love the children, however, if they do not show kindness when they cannot seem to understand the children or when they get annoyed, it can make them say things they will regret later on.


If you want to become a good leader, you need to understand that more than the preaching, it is your actions and control over things that may make your children respect you. And if you attempt to do that by using force, you cannot get the expected results. If you think you can mediate the fight between the siblings and encourage them to sort the differences through discussions, it can alter the family dynamics to a large extent.

Avoid Force
Of course, parents are expected to discipline the children in order to make them ready for the tough times, however, if you go to the extreme or are unable to maintain a perfect balance, it may cost you good memories made with your children, as children drift away gradually or they will stop sharing their life with you. Moreover, it will leave a lifelong mark on the life of your children. Hence, looking for peaceful ways to talk to your children may require more time and energy but the result is worth the efforts.

Conflict Resolution
Tensions and fights with children are the normal part of parenting children; however, if you learn to find the solution and look for the best approach to resolve your issues, it can make a big difference. This is not to say that you have to appease the children every time, but if the situation requires you to understand their side, there is no harm in it. This can be applied if you come across confrontation or resistance in keeping your cool. The main purpose is to defuse the tension and address the concerns.

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